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Tipping for one-time maid service?

Hi all. I saw on the main site that one shouldn't tip at all for a regular maid service if the cleaners change each time. However, I purchased a one-time coupon for a house cleaning. Two maids from the service arrived (I wasn't sure how many people would come; I thought it would be just one). I don't know if it would be the same people each time, or even how much the usual cost is (the coupon specified an amount, not an amount off, and didn't say how much the regular charge is). I rarely hire maids, so it's not like I'd be paying them a Christmas bonus later or seeing them again. Should I tip them? If so, how much? Do I need to tip extra because there are two people? Thank you!
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What you read about was Christmas tipping (Christmas gift) etiquette. You don't need to tip a maid anything during the year.
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